crEAting Christmas…day 16

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Hathersage HathersageDay 16 – Sunday – we woke up to an unexpectedly bright and sunny day here – we really had plenty of jobs to do; my Advent task was to make some tiny mince pies to take in for the girls at my old workplace sometime during the week, but instead we left all that at home and drove down into Derbyshire for a bit of a break and the mince pies would just have to wait.  Of course we had been the weekend before with my mum but it was difficult to really do very much or spend any time looking around the shops and there was a couple of gifts I needed to sort out and I knew just the places for some inspiration.

We packed the usual picnic and set off – this time we drove up high above Hathersage to sit and eat our lunch in the car whilst admiring the stunning view – just us and the sheep.  Bliss.

Then on to the David Mellor cutlery factory just outside of Hathersage where they have a shop with the most beautiful (and expensive) kitchen and tableware.  As well as the unusual round building that houses the cutlery factory there is also the museum where you can see all his wonderful design pieces.  Like me he was born in Sheffield and was well-known for his metal work specialising in cutlery.  If I ever had enough money to splash out I would buy a set of his original Pride silver plate cutlery with the white ivory coloured knife handles only £136 per place setting of 6 pieces and the cute little Embassy sterling silver toast rack only £750.  Of course I have made sure DH knows of my desire to own these should he ever find himself with a little spare cash.

David Mellor is also famous for his industrial design of a few recognisable pieces of metal work that you will no doubt see everyday.  Here are a few of them laid out in his outdoor museum in front of the shop.David Mellor designs Sadly he died in 2009 but the work he has left behind still stands the test of time. If you want to see and read more click-through here.

Even though we cannot afford most of his products I just love to browse around the shop, especially as it is all displayed like a piece of artwork.  This is actually the window display from last year which I preferred to this year’s snowman.David MellorAs you might expect the shop only stocks quality linen tea towels and amongst them I found these old-fashioned oven gloves which I bought as they were only £6 – I have been searching for ages to replace mine as they have developed a hole from overuse –  I like them to be quite soft and flexible as I do not get on well with those quilted stiff ones.  These passed the test for flexibility.Oven glovesOn our way to Bakewell we stopped off at the pretty little village of Baslow.  There are a couple of independent shops selling gifts and plants and vintage finds.  In the vintage flower shop we came across a round zinc tub perfect for holding our Christmas tree and at a very reasonable price (photo later when I take one of the finished tree).  We then stopped briefly at the Derbyshire Craft centre looking for a small gift that would be light enough to post, but nothing really fit the bill.

By the time we reached Bakewell most of the shops were closing and it was going dark but it was the best time to have a walk around, see the lights and soak up the Christmas atmosphere – everywhere has that old-fashioned Christmas card feel – streets lined with little stone cottages adorned with wreaths and pretty decorations and curtains left open inviting you to peep inside; all that was lacking was a sprinkling of snow.Bakewell - OldBakewell Nativity The huge Nativity scene outside the church on the hill is certainly something to see – we climbed up through the grave yard to capture this photo – I wasn’t sure it would come out very well but it has.

There is another Nativity scene in a little glass case in the gardens down in the town centre just at the right height for children to be able to see inside easily and it brought back memories of when I was a child and would run up to similar display cases pressing my nose up against the cold glass for a better look.  Bakewell NativityWe had a ‘perfick’ day – I do love doing something impulsive from time to time just as the mood takes us and we chose a good day to do it  – and I did manage to fit in the mince pies the following day – photos tomorrow. x



12 thoughts on “crEAting Christmas…day 16

    1. Wow you are almost a neighbour here – the Barnsley border is just up above Holmfirth on the way to Sheffield. It must be Scottish Barnsley by now I would think. My Sheffield accent is fading now – having a job that involved many trips to London meetings meant I had to modify the Yorkshire to be understood!


  1. What an interesting post, especially with regard to David Mellor. I have to admit that I had no knowledge of him. It’s amazing to see his designs of everyday street technology that is still in use today. I bet most people never stop to think who invented it.


    1. I love his little outdoor museum because it does remind me that someone is responsible for the design of everything we see around us. Some of his household pieces are so modern that although made back in the 50’s they look as if they are designed today.


  2. What a lovely day you had. The displays are beautiful and I have enjoyed seeing your photographs.
    The cutlery is slightly above my price range, but I never underestimate decent oven gloves. X


    1. The David Mellor shop is one of my favourite destinations – he started designing in the 50’s and was a contemporary of Conran and a few others who were at the leading edge of new design. Don’t think he designed the oven gloves though! My mum and gran had some just like these. x


  3. A lovely post as usual. Good design lasts doesn’t it? I love David Mellor cutlery and bought a 6 piece setting for my daughters engagement present years ago. Never dates. The Nativity scene at the end of the church is spectacular. Yesterday we picked my Mum up from Manchester and drove home toWorcestershire. Even after the long drive I asked my husband to do a short detour through Upton on Severn so we could see all the shop window displays lit up. It looked magical.
    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas.


    1. You are the first person I know who has actually purchased some cutlery – how lucky is your daughter. As you say it never dates – I think in particular his earlier pieces are so timeless. Upton on Severn sounds like my kind of place to visit at Christmas – I think someone should publish a book on little towns and villages at Christmas.
      Have a wonderful Christmas. x


  4. Thought I recognised Higger Tor on your top image. I have driven by the David Mellor building numerous times on my way to and from walks now you have encouraged me to go in and look around, although not in the next few weeks. A walk around Chatsworth beckons on Saturday so I must remember to pack my purse and call into their Christmas shop to see if they have any ornaments I like. I’m enjoying following your Christmas preparations I would struggle to find the time to tale pictures and post them at this time of year.


    1. If you like nice things that you probably cannot afford it is well worth a visit! I haven’t been to Chatsworth for a few years – I wanted to go to Haddon Hall to their Christmas event but it is £29 each now and I know my mum would struggle with a timed tour.
      I am struggling to do things and photo them that is why I am lagging a few days behind and have had to abandon one or two tasks as sometimes the unexpected has happened. It has been fun to have Advent planned but next year I would leave a bit more space between some activities to allow for visits from friends and more time needed for the general housekeeping that has to carry on in the background. Also the weather can be another factor I had not really taken into account and on some of the tasks I have struggled to see what I am doing it has been so dark or often too wet to do things like the outside lighting.
      Glad you are enjoying reading along. If I don’t hear from you again have a wonderful Christmas. x


  5. What a truly lovely day. Time out of the rush and panic to just breathe and enjoy.
    Baslow is where I stayed when I had my holiday last year. It truly is a lovely little place.


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